Dane Bryant Frazier is a composer, musician, and arranger. Frazier has written for film, tv, games, audiobooks, YouTube intros, and more. Notable films and short-films include Union Bound (2016) of which he was nominated for Best Original Score, Night Light (2018), Alexander (2020), and Symfaunic (2021) which he proceeded to win 3 Best Original Score Awards and one nomination.
Frazier is a 2022 graduate from Berklee College of Music with his Bachelor of Professional Studies degree in Music Composition for Film, TV, and Games.


When it comes to writing for projects, Frazier has a very thematic approach. "I think it is very important to have themes because they allow you to immediately identify the character or place without even seeing or hearing about them. Once you establish a theme, the audience instantly goes "That's that theme again!" which I also believe brings the viewer into the project more. Aside from themes, setting up a landscape is always a thrill as well. Such as writing music that isn't necessarily a theme and just something that goes with the picture for those few moments.