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Enjoy Holly, Frazier's New Christmas Album!

Theme for audiobook released

"Dawn of Adventure" the new virtual orchestra project is released!


A traditional composer known for his evocative and thematic scores, award-winning composer Dane Bryant Frazier writes for films, documentaries, weddings, audio books, and more. Having an excellence and passion in composing music, Frazier's goal is to write music that will match the world that you have created, and further lift your project to monumental heights.

What Others Are Saying

His music is sensitive, beautifully scored and orchestrated, and support the action and characters of the films. Dane also has a pleasant personality; he is easy to work with, delivers work on time, and is always open to collaboration. — Dr. Stella Sung — Composer, University of Central Florida Professor

Dane's music is always so well thought out and orchestrated! There aren't many folks who can dive into a particular mood and cinematic style without reservations while still having their own creative voice shine through. The scores speak for themselves! — Christopher Bill - Trombonist and Arranger

Dane is a gifted composer and orchestrator, he writes cinematic music that truly connects to the emotions of the listener. — Phillip Sheeran, Composer/musician, Berklee Online